SchoolCityProvinceYearly CAD Tuition (International)Yearly CAD Tuition
Course/ProgramDuration of DegreeSOA Recognition Tier
McGill UniversityMontrealQC181107940Bachelor of Arts - Mathematics4UCAP-IC
University of TorontoTorontoON570206780Bachelor of Science - Actuarial Science (Faculty of Arts & Science)4CAE
McMaster UniversityHamiltonON323946043Faculty of Science - Dept of Math & Stats4UCAP-AC
University of WaterlooWaterlooON3790010630Statistics & Actuarial Science (Department) 4CAE
University of ManitobaWinnipegMB180005400Actuarial Math - Business (Asper School of Business) or Actuarial Math - Science (Faculty of Science)4CAE
Simon Fraser UniversityBurnabyBC121252770Actuarial Science & Statistics - Faculty of Science 4CAE
University of Western OntarioLondonON310426050Faculty of Science - Actuarial Science4CAE
Concordia UniversityMontrealQC101253970Actuarial Math/Finance, Actuarial Math (BA/BSc for both)4CAE

What are SOA Recognition Tiers?

The Society of Actuaries (SOA) is a global professional organization for actuaries. It assigns recognition tiers to universities offering Actuarial Science degrees based on academic structures, university resources, how many SOA Exams the university prepares you for, etc. Universities can be ranked as either UPAC – IC (Introductory Curriculum), UPAC – AC (Advanced Curriculum) or CAE (Center of Actuarial Excellence).

More information can be found on the SOA website.